grp semi-trailer, frp semi-trailer, frp grp trailer body, Decopan Transport

Manufacturing Decopan Transport

New discontinuous production line of Decopan Transport, globally known as perfectly surfaced, top quality FRP/GRP laminates for automotive industry.

frp/grp wall panels, frp/grp wall claddings, Decopan Hygiene

Installation of FRP/GRP wall claddings

Decopan Hygiene, the key material for creating beautiful and hygienic rooms with ease

Black Sea Arena, ctp panel, Decoplan

Black Sea Arena

Georgia’s award winning concert venue, The Black Sea Arena is constructed with Decoplan Facade FRP architectural panels.

Turkish MRO, Sabiha Gökçen MRO, Turkish Technic Hangar

Panolux hangar doors of Turkish Airlines MRO

Hangar doors of Turkish Airlines MRO, constructed with Panolux GRP panels.