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GRP panels and sheets, globally known by boxed trailer industry
Decopan Transport CTP otomotiv levha

Complete interior and exterior solution pack

Decopan Transport taşımacılık sektörü için özel olarak geliştirilen geniş ürün skalasıyla treyler, frigorifik treyler, kamyon, kamyonet kapalı kasası üreticilerinin tüm ihtiyaçlarını çözümlemektedir.

Wide product range of Decopan Transport, specially developed for transport industry, completely fulfill the GRP panel and sheet needs of boxed trailer, semi trailer and truck manufacturers.

Decopan Transport CTP treyler kasa levha

Floors and roofs, interiors and exteriors

Decopan offers more than 200 options with 40 + front and 3 underside surface combinations in various thickness.

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Hazır kapalı kasa imalat kiti

Constructing by two people

Yücel Group facilitate the construction workflow of the box manufacturers by ready to use kits produced with Decopan Transport products.

  • Kits are suitable for all types and brands,
  • Improved box quality costs less,
  • Truck boxes can be constructed in 1 labor day by 2 people,
  • Boxes are 25% lighter than the equivalent,
  • Kits have wide range of accessory options,
  • Extreme quality panels and fittings make kits highly durable.

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Decopan Transport

New products, more options

Decopan Transport panels used for constructing high quality boxes across the globe:

  • can be easily shaped for limitless design,
  • comply with HACCP and ATP-C,
  • give control over noise and motion during loading and unloading by Anti-slip flooring,
  • avoid fire spread and extinguish themselves,
  • are heat resistant.
  • High-Impact panels ensure extra reinforced interiors.